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Mockery of Indian Sports

What are the people at the helm of sports administration doing? They are doing nothing except blocking the National Sports Development Bill.


They don’t want to retire at the young age of 70 because they fear that the old men aged 25-35 would ruin sports development. Lolz!.. After all sports is an all youth affair. We don’t want 70 year old political freaks to run sports bodies. The young athletes will teach them how to run these bodies better.  Everyone wants to see fresh blood in sports bodies.

I mean what is the limit these political messiahs of sports can fool us? Yesterday Mr.Sukla, VP of BCCI (also a union minister) said that he did not want BCCI to come under the bill because they were already implementing all the provisions of the bill.


He said that BCCI is already putting its audited financial statements in public domain and that BCCI is not collecting a single penny from the Government and they are not claiming any tax exemptions. Rubbish and rubbish is all it is!…


BCCI is a private society and has never put its financials in public domain. They have got land worth crores from the state governments for free. Is this not government grant in kind?… And BCCI has no history of paying taxes except for pure commercial transactions.


So friends we must watch out for these rubbish and foolish talk and attempts by these politician to block the National Sports Development Bill because they have vested interest. The efforts of Mr.Maken, Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports in drafting this wonderful piece of legislation is truly laudable. I am attaching the draft so that very one can appreciate the wonderful work of Mr. Maken. Click here for the Draft National Sports Development Bill.