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Cloud Computing

Every generation thinks that they are in the pinnacle of development. But subsequent generation just prove then that they are wrong. One of the fields where this is very evident is the Information Technology and Communication Industry. For Example when Graham Bell invented the telephone he would have thought that their generation has reached the pinnacle in communication. He would have never thought that in future there would be a thing called Mobile phone which would enable anyone in this world to talk to anyone, anywhere. In a similar manner, cloud computing has come to revolutionize the way we use our computers.

So what is cloud computing? Cloud computing means computing based on shared resources which are accessible using the internet. So if Cloud computing has to do a lot with internet and the shared resources. This shared resource may be software or even any hardware. But where did the word cloud come from. Cloud actually has the same meaning as internet. Internet got the name cloud because of the fact that while drawing networking Diagrams, internet is represented by drawing a cloud.

For those who think that Cloud computing is something of the future, think once again. Every one of you here would have definitely used cloud computing. But the fact is that you never knew that you are using cloud computing. The best example I can give about a cloud computing service which everyone uses is email. This is why I said that everyone has used cloud computing without even knowing that.

In order to understand why web based email is a cloud service, we has to go back some 15 – 20 year. Continue reading Cloud Computing